Oh and feminists? While you were obsessed with the shirt, scientists landed a probe on a comet!

Via National Review:

Last week, as all of planet Earth was glaring at a suspiciously glossy photo of Kim Kardashian’s unadorned caboose, the entire population of Comet 67P was forced into a humiliating show trial and confession over a cheesecake Hawaiian shirt. But the dark energy of space has now sucked sensitive scolds into a black hole, making Rosetta project scientist Matt Taylor a celebrity and his Gunner Girls shirt a sellout hit.

Atlantic reporter and soi-disant “science nerd” Rose Eveleth laid into Taylor after he did a press appearance wearing a shirt that featured cartoons of scantily clad women brandishing firearms. Such apparel doesn’t just normatize phallocentric gender identities and endanger society by encouraging beautiful half-naked women to fire heavy weapons in our streets. Eveleth asserted that the shirt also makes women feel unsafe in the scientific community.

Though she has a BS from UC-San Diego (in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution), it is not clear how Eveleth, whose MA degree from NYU is in “Science, Health and Environmental Reporting” and who lists “Social Media” and “HTML” among the technical skills in her résumé, can be considered a member of the scientific “community” in the same sense as Taylor, who landed a space probe on a comet 310 million miles from Earth.

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