Well, he did go an entire week without attending a high-powered DNC fundraiser.

Via NRO’s Jim Geraghty:

No Football Spiking, But a Bit of End Zone Dancing

Let’s not spike the football by showing the photos of dead bin Laden to the public. Just to members of Congress.

Oh, and let’s mention it at Democrat Party fundraisers: “At the first of two fundraisers in Austin, TX tonight, President Obama stuck largely to his standard remarks for these types of events, but he was able to add a few references to recent news that that got the crowd revved up. Going through a laundry list of legislative accomplishments over the past two-and-half years, the president noted that the nation has made ‘incredible progress.’ ‘Sometimes folks forget,’ he said. ‘Progress shouldn’t make us complacent but should remind us that change is possible.’ A man in the audience then shouted out, ‘Thank you for getting Bin Laden!’ ‘Well there you go — case in point,’ the president said as the crowd roared its approval. ‘It should inspire us to finish what we started.’”


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