How bad are the Brits at stopping jihadis? So bad they couldn’t stop this guy who went on national television and told the country he wanted to join ISIS and become a suicide bomber.

Via Independent:

A British man who previously told the BBC’s Panorama programme that he wanted to be a suicide bomber blew himself and eight others up in an attack in Iraq on Friday after joining Islamic State (Isis), according to a jihadi expert.

Kabir Ahmed, a father in his thirties from Derby, who went by the name of Abu Sumayyah, was responsible for the suicide bomb attack in the northern Iraqi town of Beiji that killed a senior police officer, according to a series of tweets by Shiraz Maher, a senior fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College London. “British suicide bomber in Iraq Abu Sumayyah originally joined Jund al-Sham in Syria and then moved to Islamic State,” he tweeted.

Earlier this year, Ahmed was interviewed by Panorama, when he said “everyone is asking the Emir to push their name up” the list to become a suicide bomber. In 2012, Ahmed became the first man in the UK to be convicted of spreading gay hate materials.