Lost another to the Elephant Party!

Via Daily Journal Online:

District 117 State Representative Linda Black of Desloge dropped a bombshell at the state capitol Wednesday when she announced at a news conference that she is switching to the Republican Party after an election in which the GOP built upon its already large majorities.

Black was unopposed when she was re-elected Tuesday to a fourth and final term in the Missouri House.

Republicans won 117 House seats — the largest total number they have ever had in the state. Black’s switch will make that 118.

Black said she had questioned whether to make the announcement Wednesday, but after consultation with Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and Speaker of the House Timothy Jones, agreed it was “the right time.”

Black said she had contemplated switching parties for a while before announcing it.

“It’s been a joke around the capitol with Republicans for quite a while that I needed to go ahead and join their party because I was already voting with them on so many issues,” she said.

The main reason Black said she is switching parties is because she found it increasingly difficult to square her social and moral beliefs with those of the Democratic Party.

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