He must have us confused with his army of union thugs.

Via The Hill:

The head of the nation’s largest labor group argued Wednesday that voters were “duped” into supporting GOP candidates in the midterm elections.

Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, said that voters headed to the polls with major concerns about their economic health. Republicans delivered a strong economic message, he said, and Democrats didn’t. […]

“They may have been duped into voting for people who won’t give them that,” he said.

Their poll also found most voters opposed GOP-centric ideas like easing financial regulations, raising the retirement age and reducing Medicaid.

In an attempt to explain how voters could have voted for Republicans while favoring Democratic policies, Trumka pointed to lingering concern about the economic, despite steady gains in recent months. The AFL-CIO poll found that 54 percent of voters said their income was falling behind their cost of living.