Way to stay original, Tom.

Via CNS News:

Immigration was a “really hot button issue” for the American electorate, former NBC “Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw said in an election post-mortem on MSNBC’s “MorningĀ  Joe” on Wednesday.

He suggested that Americans are shunning illegal immigrants because they are fearful of losing the America they’ve known.

“If you just dial back and remember when the kids were coming up from Guatemala and Central America — they (voters) were all up and down the board; people said, we don’t want them here, even though they’re going to be in federal facilities, they didn’t want them to be even near them at that point.

“A lot of that goes to what I think is, a lot of voters think they are losing the America that they grew up with, and they want it back in some fashion. And they don’t want something that comes along to threaten the America that they grew up with.

“Look at all the polling last night,” Brokaw continued. “They feel that the American dream is going away, that their kids won’t have the lives that they’ve had.”