PC crowd gets uncovered as the really crude crew they are. An apology that really isn’t an apology, just a “sorry, we got caught”.

Via Arutz Sheva:

The White House has apologized for comments attributed to officials in the Obama administration earlier this week and which referred to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as “Aspergery”, the Jewish Daily Forward reported on Thursday.

The Ruderman Family Foundation, an American charity which advocates for and the inclusion of people with disabilities throughout the Jewish community, condemned the insult – a reference to Asperger Syndrome – as “derogatory,” and called for an official denouncement of its use by the White House.

The “Aspergery” insult was part of a series of derogatory terms – including “chickens**t – used to describe Netanyahu by unnamed officials who were quoted by The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg earlier this week.

Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, who heads RespectAbility, an organization devoted to helping people with disabilities, wrote to White House chief of staff Denis McDonough also complaining about the use of Aspergers as a slur, according to the Jewish Daily Forward.

“I was really stunned that the insults from the White House used a derogatory term connected to Autism Spectrum Disorder as a way to insult PM Netanyahu,” she wrote, according to the report.

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