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Nothing to worry about folks.

Via Vocativ:

At a time when the FBI is on high alert for signs of ISIS allegiance in the U.S., a bearded man in Texas has been proclaiming his support for the militant Islamic group in some fairly conspicuous ways. Adam Abdulrahman has been wearing ISIS garb around town, staging pictures in public places of American flags next to ISIS flags, and posting his critiques of American culture on YouTube.

You might call him an ISIS performance artist.

Now the man who’s dubbed himself “Houston Baghdadi” on Twitter has a new act. Throughout October, as the U.S. has stepped up a bombing campaign to wipe out the militant group in Syria and Iraq, Abdulrahman has been papering Houston with white-and-black ISIS stickers. He has plastered memorials, city vehicles, grocery store checkout machines and many other things, and shared his conquests on Twitter and YouTube. […]

Abdulrahman, who grew up in the Midwest and says he has ancestors from Palestine, describes himself as a married college student majoring in engineering management at a Texas University. Sometimes he rails against the excesses of America, including a video he narrated in a grocery store. While he guides a shopping cart through the liquor aisle, Abdulrahman chats another customer and then pans over the copious amount of beer and spirits. “I wish I could break every bottle,” he says.

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