Awful lot of liberal women there…

Via Daily Mail:

Being a billionaire is no longer just for the boys – at least in the United States.

A new map showcasing the richest woman in every state of the country proves that there are plenty of ladies making bank these days, and a whole lot of bank at that.

Be it through their own ingenuity, hard work or, in some cases, inheritance, there are more female billionaires in this country than ever before.

And they make for one seriously impressive group.

The top two spots go to the ladies of Walmart, with Christy Walton’s $37.6 billion fortune making her the wealthiest woman in all of Wyoming and her sister Alice reigning over Texas with a worth of $33.5 billion.

Other notables include Steve Jobs’ widow Laureen, whose $15.6 billion have her on top in California, and Gayle Cook, who is the richest self-made billionaire on the list and wealthiest woman in Indiana with $5.2 billion, money she made by as the owner of the Cook Group, a medical device company she co-founded with her late husband William.

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