These are the poor souls championed by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Via Dana Loesch:

Following last night’s shooting the the Shaw neighborhood of South St. Louis, the above video was posted via ustream. The cameraman, BassemMasri, indicated that he had also participated in protests in Ferguson over the last two months.

The video runs for just over an hour and twenty minutes, and covers protesters, the police on the scene, and other citizens not involved with the protest.

The vast majority of the footage consists of repeated chants:

No justice, no peace.
No racist police.
Hey hey, ho ho,
These killer cops have got to go.

And so on. Many of the protesters chanted Mike Brown’s name, or simply yelled “Eff the police!”

But a few of the highlights:

20:30: Cameraman and others, to police: “You are terrorists. You are ISIS, homie.”

21:20: Cameraman and others, to police: “We shooting back next time. Eff you, coward. Terrorists.”

23:40: Cameraman and others, to police: “I’m praying for your death. And your death, and yours. All of you going to die. Pull that:  trigger, I dare you.”

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