You knew it would be coming once Jesse appeared on the scene.

Via Daily Mail:

The family of Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan are venting their outrage that the late Liberian may not have received the same quality of care leading up to his death Wednesday morning as the other patients treated in the U.S. for the dreaded virus.

‘No one has died of Ebola in the U.S. before. This is the first time,’ Duncan’s furious nephew Joe Weeks told ABC.

Weeks and others in Duncan’s family are calling his treatment ‘unfair,’ after seeing other patients pulled from the brink of death in government-funded evacuation planes and using life-saving blood transfusions and cutting edge drugs.

Five US citizens have been diagnosed with Ebola and three of them have beaten it. NBC News cameraman Ashoka Mukpo, the latest American victim, arrived at the infectious disease ward at the University of Nebraska Medical Center this week for treatment. A fourth victim, a World Health Organization doctor, is being treated in Atlanta.

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Let me suggest there is a big difference between the other patients and Mr. Duncan, and it isn’t race. It’s that they came back to the U.S. with the full knowledge of authorities that they were infected so that they could be treated appropriately. Mr. Duncan lied to be able to get to this country, and he lied by omission to the hospital, not telling that he had had significant exposure to the virus, and that everyone exposed to the same woman had come down the illness and/or died.

Had he not lied to the hospital and specifically clarified his exposure, he himself might have been adequately treated. Not to mention, he may not have exposed so many other people after that. But because of that delay, which was primarily his own fault, critical treatment was also delayed.

That said, I’m actually sort of with Jesse Jackson on one thing. I find it rather odd that there is only enough ZMapp drug for 2 people in all the United States. There may be something I’m missing, but I would think that experimental drugs while certainly limited would have a little bigger sample than that.