Eric Holder

Racist against blacks to be precise.

Via DOJ website:

On the heels of the Supreme Court’s decision late last month to allow Ohio’s new voting law to go into effect, Attorney General Eric Holder criticized the law’s restrictions on early voting, which he said were “heavily used” by African-American voters.

“It is a major step backward to allow these reductions to early voting to go into effect,” the Attorney General said in a video message posted on the Justice Department’s website.  “Early voting is about much more than making it more convenient for people to exercise their civic responsibilities.  It’s about preserving access and openness for every eligible voter, not just those who can afford to miss work or who can afford to pay for childcare.”

The Ohio law has been the subject of a lawsuit by civil rights groups and the Justice Department filed a brief in the case in July.  A federal judge ruled that the law violated the Voting Rights Act and blocked it from taking effect.  A federal appeals court judge upheld that ruling, but the Supreme Court disagreed and ruled the law should go into effect immediately. Absent the Court’s ruling, early voting would have begun in Ohio last Tuesday.

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