We reported on this case on Sunday.

Oklahoma City Police arrested Jacob Muriithi on a terrorism charge Friday after he allegedly made a reference about beheading a female coworker at a nursing home.

An unnamed woman working at the Bellevue Nursing Home in Oklahoma City filed a police report on Sept. 16th about Muriithi, Oklahoma City PD Captain Dexter Nelson said.

The incident is believed to have occurred Sept. 13th.

The alleged victim and Muriithi were talking when she made the comments, and she thought he was joking due to his dry sense of humor.

“The threat precipitated from a piece of religious jewelry,” Capt. Nelson said. “It does appear to stem from [the victim’s] ethnicity.”

According to an incident report from OKC PD, the victim was wearing a star of David necklace and following a remark on that, Muriithi allegedly told the victim he was Muslim and affiliated with ISIS, and that they “killed Christians by cutting off their heads.” He then made a suggestion that he “was going to wait until she got off work and cut her head off” and then post it on Facebook.

When asked why ISIS kills Christians, Muriithi said “that is just what we do,” an affidavit states.
“The suspect did make references to ISIS, and an affiliation with them,” Nelson said.

The woman apparently did not know what ISIS was at the time and after asking others about what the organization was, later thought Muriithi wasn’t joking, and her concern prompted her to file the report on the 16th.

Muriithi was her supervisor at the nursing home, although not her direct supervisor, the report states.

The DA filed a probable cause affidavit. It was in fact the beheading in Moore last week that “greatly elevated” the alleged victim’s concern and it’s believed that she contacted police again, which led to Muriithi’s arrest, and the DA’s upgraded charge of a terroristic threat from the misdemeanor. Muriithi told police during questioning that “he was joking.”

The FBI was also contacted in the case.

We checked out Mr. Muriithi’s Facebook and discovered a pretty normal Facebook, with a NY Giants avatar, lots of Christian friends. Indeed his family is Christian, very much so, and there is no evidence whatever that he is even a Muslim, let alone a radical Muslim.

The victim thought it was a joke, because of Muriithi’s sense of humor, but then after the local beheading, got freaked out by possibilities.

Moral of the story? Beheading is really not a good subject for joking, not unless you want to make international news and land in the hoosegow.