Future co defendants.

Via The Hill

With the announcement of Attorney General Eric Holder’s intention to resign earlier this week, President Obama is losing not just a key political ally, but one of the few personal friends in his inner circle.

The close relationship between the two men was evident for some time, vacationing together on Martha’s Vineyard in the summers and spending down time with each other’s families back in Washington.

At Holder’s farewell ceremony at the White House, Obama said Holder and his wife “have been great friends to Michelle and me for years.”

Holder, tearing up, told Obama that they had “been great colleagues, but the bonds between us are much deeper than that.”

“In good times and in bad, in things personal and in things professional, you have been there for me,” Holder continued. “I’m proud to call you my friend.”

The rare partnership between the two allowed Holder greater latitude to pursue an ambitious civil rights agenda during his nearly six years helming the Justice Department. It also created the occasional headache in the West Wing, where staffers felt Holder had particular sway over — and an exceedingly long leash from — the president.

While it’s unlikely that the next attorney general will replicate that level of personal friendship with the president, Holder isn’t totally unique in the president’s inner circle. Here are five other top Obama administration figures who share both a close personal and professional relationship with the president.

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