Eric Holder

Let’s hope he’s dead wrong about this…

Via Daily Caller:

Attorney General Eric Holder provides an update on the Justice Department
Rush Limbaugh apparently thinks Eric Holder may be stepping down to make it easier for President Barack Obama to nominate him to the Supreme Court, should a vacancy arise.

“There may be a Supreme Court vacancy — and I can see Barack Obama nominating Eric Holder to fill it,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Thursday, according to my colleague Matt Lewis’ transcription on Twitter.

Currently there are no vacancies on the High Court, but four of the nine justices are over 70. While it is hard to imagine one of the conservative justices resigning while Obama is president, it isn’t impossible in theory to imagine liberal justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 81, resigning her seat so a liberal president could nominate her replacement. But Ginsberg just rejected the possibility in an interview with Elle Magazine.

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