They get better treatment than some Americans just about all the way around.

Via Washington Examiner:

A new and critical report on the Obama administration’s treatment and detention of illegal immigrants reveals that it costs $266 a day to house each person for a potential total cost of millions daily.

The 11-page report from Detention Watch Network focused on the new detention facility in Artesia, N.M., and found that the 672-bed facility costs $266 per person to operate. The report also noted that overall, immigration officials detained 478,000 illegals in 2012, raising the possible detention cost to taxpayers to over $100 million a day.

The local La Quinta Inn and Suites charges $149 a room and offers a kitchenette, free breakfast, free internet and free parking.

The report provided to Secrets charges that immigrants housed in the brand new facility opened in June are being mistreated.

“These families have braved the dangerous journey to the U.S. to seek safety and protection from violence in their home countries,” said the report, titled “Expose & Close.” It added, “In response, our government has incarcerated them in the Artesia Family Residential Center, a remote facility, hours away from legal counsel and social services, under physically and psychologically harmful conditions that only further compound the traumas that they have already endured.”

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