(Daily Mail)Anti-American protests and threats of violent revenge rang out today as pro-Osama Bin Laden demonstrations sprang up across the Muslim world.

Following the U.S. special forces operation that captured and killed Bin Laden on Sunday, there has been criticism from religious and political leaders in the UK and Europe, while the UN has also said it wants to investigate the legality of the killing.

But in the Muslim world Bin Laden remains a hero of jihad for many and the strength of feeling was palpable today in Pakistan, the regular Friday prayers were accompanied by widespread anti-American protests.

Religious hardline groups have hit out at what they see as the Pakistani government’s softness on the issue because, while it has expressed its anger over America’s violation of its sovereignty, it has not condemned the killing itself, which has angered many among its vast population.

Pakistan’s leaders now face criticism from all sides.

The U.S. is complaining of either vast ignorance or shameful complicity on the part of the government.