Today is the “People’s Climate March”, supposedly going off in 1000+ locations all over the world to bring the world’s attention to the dangers of Climate Change.

As we reported yesterday, they are assembling in 6 main groups in NYC, some with fun names like “The Science is Settled”, “We Have The Solutions” and We Know Who Is Responsible”(let me spoil it for you, rush to the ending-the capitalists did it!). Some of the groups marching? SEIU, CAIR and Democratic Socialists. Sounds like scientists, right?

We’ll be trying to cover it throughout the day and post fun things for your enjoyment.

Traditional leftist dreck, next four pics via Oliver D’Arcy at The Blaze:

Capitalism in action…

You said it…

Hypocrites on parade…


This one may take the prize:

See more below the fold.

Help me with this one, please, no idea…

The same folks that made an appearance in Ferguson, in Florida for Trayvon, etc. All the same leftist activists run from crisis to crisis in order to pull people to the ultimate goal, revolution and communism. At least these guys are honest about it, in that sense.

Um, I don’t even…warning, what has been seen cannot be unseen…

the science is settled, not

Here’s a start:

Like Occupy, the “grassroots” march is not so much grass roots as completely organized by leftist groups crying for money:

And the “Science is Not Settled”, except to demonstrate that mostly their claims are wrong. Their claim of global warming has been disproved, that’s why they changed it to “Climate Change”:

Let’s get our Freak on!

What’s a march without a giant racist-looking puppet? I think this is a recycled puppet I saw at Occupy when they broke into the Trinity Church lot in NYC.

And it wouldn’t be complete without the interpretive dance portion!

This is how they view the future, courtesy of their leaders at Avaaz:

But some sense breaks the climate crazy fog:

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