What would we do without the Nanny State saving us from the deadly scourge of fruit rollup-related deaths?

MAPLE GLEN, Pa. – It came as a surprise to many parents that Oreos, Chips Ahoy and fruit rollups are dangerous.

The School District of Upper Dublin recently sent a letter to parents, informing them schools would be clamping down on snacks the district deemed unhealthy or otherwise unsafe.

That didn’t sit well.

The Montgomery News reports several parents attended the school board meeting to criticize the “safe snack” list.

Listing surrounding districts that do not permit food to be consumed outside of the cafeteria, [Pupil Services Director Michelle] Clegg said, the goal was to continue to permit snacks in the classroom, but control what and when they were permitted with teachers monitoring. …

Having Oreos, Chips Ahoy and fruit rollups on the list is “an embarrassment to the school district,” parent Sharon Griswold Theodorson said. “There is no way to make a safe snack list for every child.

“Reaction to a child with a nut allergy is ridiculous,” she said. Having children wash hands or wipe down a table would be an “acceptable” way to deal with food allergies.

Numerous parents of children with food allergies said their children were able to monitor their own food intake.

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