Finally, someone is brave enough to take a bold stance against the scourge of deadly virtual gun pics smaller than the size of a stamp.

Via Badger Pundit:

Meet Melissa A. Horn. She’s the 40-year-old Wisconsin school principal who’s currently bullying an 11-year-old boy over a tiny picture of a gun and an American flag on the computer he uses only at home.

The boy, Matthew, is “attending” — through distance learning, via computer — Wisconsin Virtual Learning, a 4K-12K virtual school run as an online pubic charter school by the Northern Ozaukee School District.

Horn is its principal and executive director. For more on Horn, consult her LinkedIn page and her “Executive Director’s Message” in which she speaks about how, at Wisconsin Virtual Learning, “we pride ourselves in being both parent and student-friendly,”and about how “[o]ur lines of communication, whether face-to-face or via telephone, email, or Blackboard Collaborate room, are always open.”

This story was broken on August 29 by Wisconsin conservative talk-radio host Vicki McKenna. Her August 29 shows covered extensively how Matthew, a Second Amendment enthusiast, has been threatened with expulsion for using a tiny picture of a gun and an American flag as his online avatar in e-mails to his teacher.

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This is standard avatar size:

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