Wait for it, last sentence of the video. It says “we are committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all”. This video was made in 2013 and I saw it yesterday on T.V.

The Constitutional duty of the U.S. Navy, and the rest of the military, is to ensure for the “common defense” of the United States and its people, it is not to be committed to the “fair treatment of all”.

In the course of this constitutional duty, the Navy may have to kill people and break things, and quite frankly not be fair to people or things that get in the way of this obligation.

Indeed, seeking to ensure the “fair treatment of all” will ensure that they do not adequately provide for the common defense. As we see with the case of James Foley, dithering around, thinking about who you might offend by acting, ensured that Foley would not be rescued.

Fairness is a direct result of the policy our commander-in-chief, a policy which will endanger our military and can lead to failure, no matter how fine the soldiers.