Bin Laden is dead, but the Religion of Peace is still the Religion of Peace.

Jowhar (Mareeg) — As soon as Bin Laden killing news surfaced in Somalia, Al-shabaab militia in Jowhar town of Somalia ordered local residents not to follow any news related to that particular incident and threatened that they will severely punish any person who is seen listening to radios airing anything related to that incident.

According to local residents in Jawhar, Televisions or Radios were not turned on during the whole day yesterday after Alshabaab’s announcement. Residents avoided discussing anything related to that incident.

According to local woman who requested not to be identified for security reasons, Al-Shabaab operatives especially members of the much revered Amniyaad brigades hurled hand grenades inside some houses where some anxious residents gathered secretly to watch TV stations that were intensively covering this extraordinary incident, many were injured as result of these bombs.

“It’s very obvious that Al-Shabaab are on state of denial when it comes to Bin laden’s killing by the Americans, they are trying to terrorize us to prevent us from following anything about Bin-Laden’s sudden killing, they know that we all are happy to hear this interesting news, they are like orphans now” said the local Somali woman from Jowhar.