We’ve seen all manner of outside agitators at work seeking to use Ferguson for their own ends. Perhaps the worst of the lot are the Revolutionary Communist Party, who are actively ginning up the violence.

The white man in the middle inciting the crowd with the bull horn is Gregory Lee Johnson, a long term member of the Revolutionary Communist Party. The RCP has “Clubs” in various cities.

Here in this video you can see they are carrying the banner of the “Revolution Club Of Chicago” which says “Fight The Power and Transform The People, For Revolution!” The RCP holds that American imperialism will never end peacefully, and that the only way for people to liberate themselves is through Communist revolution.

Here is Gregory Johnson with a crew lighting up Molotov cocktails:

Antonio French, who tweeted the picture, is an alderman who has been tweeting coverage of the events in Ferguson. French claims Johnson was the instigator of the action. Other tweets id him as encouraging molotov cocktails, one even says Johnson had a grenade. Notice in the first video how he was within a few steps of police, including Captain Ron Johnson.

Gregory Johnson was infamously involved in the flag desecration case that ruled burning the American flag was protected speech. He was described by another activist as an “obnoxious young transplanted New Yorker” who would show up at “every local demonstration with a bloody, severed pig’s head (tendrils still trailing along) that he’d drag along on a leash and collar while shouting anti-imperialist slogans; the pig, of course, was the United States.” Truly a lovely human being.


Many protesters said they had seen members of the Revolution Club “embed” with protesters to provoke the police, according to the Kansas City Star. “We have a responsibility to be here,” Lou Downey of the Revolution Club told The Star on Monday afternoon. “We are revolutionaries. We’re working to do this in a way that puts an end to the system that for generations has criminalized youth, especially black youth, and rounds them up into prisons.”

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