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Looks like Nixon, a Democrat, is toeing the party line, and throwing his police under the bus. He fails to even mention it was released in response to a FOIA request, not to mention that it is vital in the timeline of the truth.

Via Daily Caller:

Democratic Missouri Governor Jay Nixon lambasted the Ferguson police department for releasing a video showing teenager Michael Brown robbing a convenience store minutes before being shot by a police, calling it “an attempt to, in essence, disparage the character of this victim.”

On Friday, Ferguson police provided a tape to the media showing Brown — whose killing touched off a firestorm of race riots and police crackdowns — robbing a convenience store just before his death last Saturday.

While the tape was meant to defend the department against accusations that the killing was in cold blood, its release reignited riots that had subsided earlier in the week. And on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday, the governor expressed his fury.

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