This is the press conference held by Gov. Jay Nixon yesterday announcing that there would be a curfew in Ferguson to try to help curb the violence. But many in the audience were not interested in what the Governor or any of the speakers had to say, just shouting for the scalp of the cop involved in the shooting, Darren Wilson. No wait for the facts, the investigation, we want him indicted now.

One woman actually talks about Michael Brown, that “poor child” who was “shot down in cold blood”. No, Michael Brown may or may not have been wrongly killed. But he was hardly a “child”, nor was he shot “in cold blood”. He was 18 years old, 6’4″ tall and 292 pounds. Pretty big child who was bigger than the officer involved. This “child” was in the middle of fleeing a strong arm robbery when the officer came upon him and a struggle ensued. No cold blood about it. To call this man a child is in an of itself an infantilizing of young black men. They are “children”, no matter how old they are. And how racist is that?