Keep fanning those racial flames.

Via Newsbusters:

CHRIS HAYES: Now, there was a decision that was announced today by the Ferguson, I believe it was the Ferguson Police Department, that they will not release the name of the officer in question. The reason they gave for that is that there had been a barrage of threats on social media, police say that they’re getting inundated with threatening phone calls and there’s a fear for the safety of this officer, which seems like an understandable worry. At the same time, it does seem there’s a fairly compelling public right to know the name of an officer who committed this act, it appears while on public duty. What is your reaction to the police department’s announcement today?

State Sen. JAMILAH NASHEED (D-Missouri) : I’m appalled. The people should have a right to know. You have — it’s unjustifiable. How can you justify killing and shooting down a man in the middle of a street, execution-style, again simply because his only crime was walking in the middle of the street wanting to visit his grandmother.