What the hell was the Obama admin thinking when they came up with this idea to throw Bin Laden into the sea after a “strict” Islamic funeral (which by the way was 40 minutes long)? It defies all logic.

Amman (DPA) — The Islamic Action Front (IAF), Jordan’s main opposition party, on Tuesday condemned as an ‘act of terrorism’ the US dumping into the sea the body of slain al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, who was killed this week by a secret US assault team in Pakistan.

‘The declared dumping in the sea of the body of Sheikh Osama bin Laden is a brutal action that should be condemned because it runs counter to both the divine and positive laws as well as the human civilization,’ the IAF said in a statement.

‘It is rather an act of terrorism which is practiced by an arrogant state, and thus it is greater than the terrorism of individuals because it is more dangerous on the future of humanity,’ the statement added.

The IAF, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, also condemned the US encroachment on the sovereignty of Pakistan and Afghanistan and defended ‘jihad’ and resistance by the Afghan people against both the ‘Soviet and US occupation.’