Nobody is robbing St. Louis Ink Tattoo Studio and Country Guns anytime soon.

The two businesses share a storefront in a strip mall near the center of the riots in Ferguson. Mobs looted multiple stores, even torching a Quiktrip.

Mike Gutierrez(who owns the tattoo shop) and Adam Weinstein(who owns Country Guns) got a group together and went down to protect their stores, with rifles in hand at 12:30 in the morning. Weinstein even had a pistol and a tactical vest as well.

According to the Riverfront Times:

Gutierrez, Weinstein and their group arrived to find thieves tearing through a Dollar General in the same strip mall that houses their business. Weinstein says the looters attempted moving toward the shop, but were scared off by the guns. Then the police arrived.

“There were like two SWAT vans, two dozen cop cars,” said one woman. The cops apparently checked out the situation and then tore off to some other crisis

Police made 32 arrests over the course of the night. Things finally calmed down around 5 a.m.

There was another store not looted, and its owners were not armed out front. You can evaluate for yourself why it was not robbed.