No, we don’t know that he “put his hands up”. That was one report, but experience has taught me that frequently in such shootings, witnesses tell lie to attack the police. It is in any event not something one could say definitively at this point.

They have no idea of the actual facts yet, but yes, let’s threaten and attack people who had nothing to do with anything. Meanwhile they’ve already released the name of the alleged cop, but got the name wrong, so some poor cop uninvolved in this is now being harassed by thousands of threats.

Anonymous has also been busy on Twitter, justifying the looting as “rage” against injustice, and necessary to draw attention to the case. Besides, they say, looting only involves property which is not important compared to a life lost.


FERGUSON, Mo. – Thousands of threats have been made against the Ferguson Police Department and the city council, and the hacker group Anonymous allegedly took down the city’s internet and phone capabilities.

According to Captain Rick Henke of the Ferguson Police Department, calls have flooded the police station and city hall, with threats being made against the department and city council. No one has specifically been threatened, he said.

The police department conducted morning roll call to inform officers of these latest developments.

Henke said the city’s website had been down for several hours. The police and fire department email system was disrupted as well.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III said information containing names, phone numbers and addresses of police officers and city leaders was made public on social media. City authorities and police are using a “phone chain” to communicate.

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