But they probably won’t.

Via Breitbart:

Climate change and a growing world population will make staving off world hunger more difficult in the future, Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience convened for a panel on “Resilience and Food Security in a Changing Climate” at the U.S. Africa Leaders Summit Monday.

“Eight-thousand children every single day,” Kerry stressed. “Around the world, one in eight people suffers from chronic hunger, and in sub-Sahara Africa that number regrettably is one in four. So looking to the future, it’s only going to be more difficult to bring these numbers down.” […]

Kerry said that climate change will make confronting world hunger even harder.

“On top of that, the growing impact of climate change is going to put extraordinary stress on our ability to be able to produce the amount of food that we need to be able to feed those increasing numbers,” he said.

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