Jen Psaki

For the second day in a row the Obama regime is demonizing Israel.

Via The Hill:

. . .Still on Monday, Psaki reiterated some of the administration’s sharpest criticism to date over Israeli strikes that reportedly killed Palestinians at a United Nations shelter. In a statement issued Sunday, Psaki called the shelling “disgraceful” and said the U.S. was “appalled.”

“The sign of a strong relationship is being able to speak out and convey concerns when we have them,” Psaki said on CNN. “This is the seventh attack on a school. You’ve been following this closely. And what we need to determine with the international community is exactly the question you posed: Where do we go from here?”

She added that there was “more that Israel can do to hold themselves to their own standards.”

“Every day, the world is watching as innocent civilians are killed, as children are having shrapnel pulled out of their back. I think we can all look to make an evaluation that there’s more that can be done,” she said.