If you look at the pictures, you can see this. Many of the pictures show mothers with children (or at least adult women).

Why does that make a difference? Because the Wilberforce law, which Obama is already stretching, applies solely to unaccompanied minors who are the victims of trafficking. If you are accompanied, you don’t qualify and should be immediately kicked back. Not to mention, that the law applies to specific cases of trafficking not a general approach to every unaccompanied child.

Via Breitbart:

One of the reasons people have grown so angry over Obama’s manufactured border crisis is that everything we are told is a lie. That’s consistent with the core Amnesty Caucus belief that the benighted knuckle-dragging xenophobic citizens of the United States have nothing to say about immigration policy – it’s a decision that will be made by the Ruling Class, in accordance with their political and economic interests. You taxpaying chumps will be told whatever the Ruling Class thinks you need to hear, whenever they think you need to hear it, with the truth either suppressed or kept on ice until it doesn’t matter any more.

Remember this whole story began with leaked photos of the overcrowded Unaccompanied Alien Child detention centers, which we weren’t supposed to know about until the invasion was much further along. We were fed a pack of lies about how it was foolish for those people to send their children here, because they had somehow misunderstood Obama’s amnesty executive orders, when in reality the belief that they would be allowed to stay was absolutely correct. The illegal aliens were distributed across the United States with taxpayer-funded transportation by dark of night, exposed only when people began protesting the buses and planes bringing their new neighbors into their communities.

The health crisis in the detention centers was hidden from us – we only learned about it because whistleblowers approached the media. Likewise, only leaks from people inside the Border Patrol have alerted us to the presence of gang members in a migrant population routinely described as “children.” The Administration and congressional Democrats (plus some Republicans) have been deliberately misrepresenting what the William Wilberforce anti-trafficking law from 2008 says – it’s a measure to assist the abused victims of human trafficking operations, not a blanket offer of indefinite residency in the United States for every minor in Central America.

And now we learn just how deceptive that rhetoric about “children” really is, because while there are indeed a large number of unaccompanied minors being sent across the border, they never made up the majority of the human wave, as the media narrative would have you believe.

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