Wait, murder is illegal? When did that happen?

Via Breitbart:

. . . On June 12, Breitbart News reported that a Bloomberg-affiliated study had discovered 74 school shootings between the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary and June 2014 alone.

Is there a solution for these heinous acts?

According the Huffington Post, there is, and the solution begins by recognizing that there are already laws against using guns in these ways–laws which criminals are ignoring to act on that which concurs with their criminal nature.

Kim Gandy, president of National Network to End Domestic Violence, said, “It was clear that many of these murders were committed by people already barred from gun ownership by federal law–but that law is full of loopholes, like background checks not being required for private gun sales, like Craigslist or at gun shows.”

Gandy goes on to say that 57 of the shooting incidents were related to domestic violence, even though, under federal law, “individuals who have been convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence offense or who are subject to a permanent domestic violence restraining order can’t legally buy or possess firearms.”

This is already the law; such perpetrators are already banned from possession or purchase of firearms. Yet Bloomberg’s gun control groups are calling for more laws to make that which is illegal illegal in a different way, via a new statute or requirement.

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