Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey is the classic example of what happens when Islamists take over a secular country.

Via Free Beacon:

A Turkish columnist at a pro-government newspaper celebrated Hitler in a recent column on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and demanded that Turkey’s Jewish leaders apologize for “genocide” committed by the “‘Zionist/Jewish terror base’ that is Israel,” according to a translation of the controversial op-ed.

Turkish journalist Faruk Kose, writing recently in the pro-government Turkish Daily, demanded that the country’s chief rabbi apologize “in the name of the Jews” for “Israel’s genocide in Gaza,” where Israeli military personal have launched a ground operation to root out Hamas militants.

Kose praised Hitler, engaged in anti-Semitic rhetoric, and wonder if it is “legitimate to kill a Zionist,” according to a translation Friday of his full column performed by Merve Tahiroglu, a research associate for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD).

The highly charged column is a sign of mounting anger and increased anti-Semitism across the Muslim world as Israel increases its military operation against Hamas terrorists. […]

Feelings of anti-Semitism and violence are justified at this time, according to Kose.

“The ‘Zionist/Jewish terror base’ that is Israel, continues to turn Gaza into hell with its genocide,” he wrote. “So of course one feels like saying, ‘God bless that Hitler!’”

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