She’s the Picasso of hacks.

Via Roll Call:

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the strength of individual candidates will help her party outperform expectations in the upcoming midterms.

“Pundits are wildly misinterpreting or over interpreting,” the Florida Democrat said, specifically responding to a projection published by the Washington Post that gives Republicans an 86 percent chance of taking control of the Senate.

Wasserman Schultz predicted Democrats would retain a majority in the Senate and pick up seats in the House — although she stopped short of predicting that they would gain the 17 seats needed to capture the majority. Explaining her reasoning, Wasserman Schultz said the midterm election will be driven by individual campaigns and she believes a strong Democratic candidate pool will help the party outperform expectations. […]

Wasserman Schultz also emphasized two issues that she thinks will help Democrats appeal to voters: the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

The Hobby Lobby decision, she said, will increase turnout among women voters who she thinks will come out to support Democrats.

“I’ve spent most of my life with a part of a generation [of women] who really have been able to take their rights for granted. … They’ve awoken a sleeping giant,” she said.

On the Affordable Care Act, Wasserman Schultz predicted political backlash from constituents who have newly received coverage under the law may force Republicans to avoid the issue.

“There’s a reason Republicans haven’t put up as many votes to repeal it,” she said. “Voters are going to use healthcare reform based on how it affects them. There are millions of voters who are going to say I am better off today …  certainly than I would be if Republicans were allowed to take it away.”