The RINO Brigade last seen tripping and falling all over themselves attempting to bow down to Obama’s superior intellect.

Via White House transcript:

OBAMA: [N]ow, I want to work with everybody — Republicans and Democrats — to move this country forward.  But I can’t just stand by while politics threatens all the hard work of millions of Americans because we’ve just got gridlock in Washington.  So what I’ve tried to do is take a range of actions this year to help working Americans with my own legal authorities — from speeding up big infrastructure projects to raising wages.  I’m waiting for Congress to act, but in the meantime I’ve got to go ahead and do what I can do.

And in response, their plan so far has not been to join me and say, all right, Mr. President, you’re right, we do need to rebuild our roads; we do need to spruce up our airports.  Instead their big idea has been to sue me.  That’s what they’re spending time on — a political stunt that wastes America’s time and taxpayer dollars.