If Obama was PM of Israel he’d be drawing red lines, then erasing them after they are crossed. Luckily for Israel they have Netanyahu and nobody (especially Hamas) doubts his resolve to use force.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s leader said the country will exert ‘‘great force’’ against Gaza’s Hamas rulers after the Islamic militants rejected a truce agreement.

Israel halted its fire for six hours Tuesday after accepting an Egyptian truce proposal. But with Hamas continuing to launch rockets into Israel, it resumed strikes in the afternoon.

Benjamin Netanyahu said in an evening address aired live on television that Israel has ‘‘no choice’’ but to respond more forcefully.

Netanyahu said ‘‘Hamas chose to continue fighting and will pay the price for that decision.’’

The Israeli military says Gaza militants fired close to 125 rockets since the truce was to have begun. An Israeli civilian was killed Tuesday by fire from the Gaza Strip, the first Israeli death in more than a week of fighting.