Target parking lot

Target shoppers have become targets.

Via Guns Save Lives

A man was robbed at gunpoint by three armed robbers in the parking lot of Gainesville, GA Target department store. The robbery comes just days after the retail giant asked law abiding gun owners to leave their firearms at home (although the retailer did not outright ban firearms from their stores).

It’s unclear if thieves are catching on and targeting businesses that discourage law abiding gun owners to carry firearms, but it would not be surprising given the amount of media coverage these corporate decisions are getting.

Fortunately, in this case, no one was hurt and police we able to catch the suspects in short order. According to the The Gainesville Times,

Xavier Holland, 21, Zaccari Goudelock, 20, and Kenneth Loving, 17, were arrested later that day. The victim, Kyle Bledsoe, reportedly had more than $500 cash on him.

“Officers were able to locate the suspects on Azalea Drive, and with the assistance of Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputies they were able to detain all three suspects,” Holbrook said Monday.

One of the firearms used in the robbery was recovered by police. I guess these would be robbers chose not to honor Target’s request about firearms carry.

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