Methinks they doth protest too much…

Via Daily Caller:

Conservative filmmaker and commentator Dinesh D’Souza appeared on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday with stand-in host Martha Raddatz and Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson to discuss his new movie “America: Imagine The World Without Her.”

Raddatz quickly veered into asking D’Souza about the claims that he believes there is some type of left-wing conspiracy aimed at undermining America, and that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are apart of it.

“You essentially have a conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama turning this nation into a socialistic nation, something you said started when Hillary Clinton was in college,” Raddatz said to D’Souza.

“It’s not a conspiracy theory,” D’Souza quickly responded. “A lot of people think that Hillary is like Bill and say ‘We want Billary back in the White House’ because” of that.

He then explained that both Obama and Clinton have both been strongly influenced by the ideas of liberal activist Saul Alinsky, and that is the connection they share.

“The point we make in the film is ‘no’ and there actually is a bridge connecting Hillary to Barack, and that bridge is Saul Alinsky,” D’Souza added.

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