If a conservative said that to a Jewish person I’m guessing they’d be called anti-Semitic.

Via the far-left blog Down With Tyranny:

Poor Sean Eldridge! Well, not really… he’s very rich. He married Chris Hughes, the former Harvard roommate of Mark Zuckerberg and the ultimate example of being in the right place at the right time. When he left Facebook he became started MyBarackObama.com and was lauded as The Kid Who Made Obama President; How Facebook Cofounder Chris Hughes Unleashed Barack’s Base– and Changed Politics and Marketing Forever. How do you top that? He married Sean and they started hunting for some congressional seat Sean could run in (skipping last cycle and picking NY-19 this time; bad timing)– and he bought the New Republic, once an esteemed progressive magazine. He gives a fortune to the DCCC and other Democratic Party committees and his net worth is estimated to be between $800 million and a billion. […]

Sean was political director of Freedom to Marry. And somehow he turned himself into a DCCC “mystery meat” candidate. Friends have told me he has a progressive heart (or a progressive soul; I can’t remember). But he adheres strictly to Steve Israel’s diktat that his candidates keep their opinions to themselves. Other than gay marriage, no one knows what Sean stands for and no one has any solid reason to bother voting for him other than he’s better than Chris Gibson, the Republican incumbent (who happens to be the least right-wing Republican in Congress). Gibson, in fact, regularly votes more progressively than around 10-12 Democrats, half of them being financed by the DCCC.

So why “poor Sean?” Things aren’t unfolding that well for him. DCCC Chairman Steve Israel, eager to keep Hughes’ money flowing, has played him for a fool, not even giving him a coveted Red-to-Blue slot until Sean went bonkers on him. “Israel doesn’t help at all,” one heartbroken staffer told me. “All he does for this campaign is ship us bagels and cream cheese every week. We’d all rather have local donuts. He can shove his crappy bagels up his ass with the cream cheese.” Apparently he isn’t the only staffer who doesn’t see things going well. Despite reporting $2,448,887 (of which $965,000 was self-funded) to Gibson’s $1,799,331, the pundits still see this as a race Sean has little chance to win. Obama took the D+1 district in 2008 with 53% and in 2012 with 52% but Cook rates it a “Lean GOP” with a Gibson +4 and Rothenberg called it “Tilt GOP” with a Gibson +2. So, last Friday Sean fired Michael Reid, his campaign manager.

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