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Considering how hideous the vast majority of feminists are, calling them “gals” is being extremely kind.

Via lib rag Raw Story:

Fox News reporter Jesse Watters said on Monday that Albuquerque police had escorted him out of the 2014 National Organization for Women (NOW) conference after he made sexist comments and failed to obtain a press pass.

Tuesday night’s edition of The O’Reilly Factor featured a segment about Watters traveling to Albuquerque, and appearing to mock conference attendees over the so-called “war on women.”

“What are you gals trying to accomplish today?” Watters asked one woman, who immediately objected to be calling a gal.

At one point the Fox News reporter asked former NOW President Patricia Ireland to feel his bicep muscle to prove that he was ready to fight in the war on women.

“If you need protection, I can protect you,” Watters told another woman.

“That’s being sexist,” the woman explained. “Because you’re offering to protect me.”

Watters went on to ask other women at the conference if he would be issued a weapon in the war on women, and if they had ever been wounded with shrapnel.