TRUMP: When was the last time — if you go to China, as an example — bridges being built, massive bridges. When is the last time we built a bridge in this country, other than a little toy.

LES TRENT: Isn’t that what President Obama tried to do with his stimulus package?

TRUMP: The President . . . look I know you are a big Obama fan.The president doesn’t know what he’s doing.

LES TRENT: Why do you say that?

TRUMP: Because of your question. The President doesn’t know what he is doing.

I don’t think the Soros-funded tools at ThinkProgress did this CNN reporter any favors by goading him into accusing Trump of racism.

In an interview with ThinkProgress about the exchange, Trent said, “I think race was a factor. . . . I’m just assuming, I mean I have no way of knowing that. But I just don’t understand why he said that to me and not anyone else.”