Back in 2001 the UN was screeching about “global warming” ravaging Africa. Apparently their predictions didn’t come true so guess where the story went: Down the memory hole. And in the UN’s typical incompetent fashion they forgot to scrub it from Google cache. Here’s a screen shot.

Nairobi, 22 February 2001 — Rising levels of disease, famine and poverty are forecast for Africa by scientists studying the impacts of global warming.

A report, published today (MON) by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), says heavy, monsoon-like, rains and higher temperatures will favour the breeding of disease-carrying mosquitoes, allowing them to thrive at higher altitudes.

“Higher temperatures, heavier rainfall and changes in climate variability would encourage insect carriers of some infectious diseases to multiply and move further afield,” says the report by the IPCC’s Working

Group II.

The report cites how malaria cases in the highland area of Rwanda have increased by 337 per cent in recent years with 80 per cent of the climb linked with changes in temperature and rainfall which improved breeding conditions for malaria-carrying mosquitoes. A similar link has been reported in Zimbabwe.

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Via Anthony Watts, who also notes the UN scrubbed a similar embarassing post last week on 50 million “climate refugees” that never materialized.