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DEL. ELEANOR HOLMES NORTON (D-DC): It is vile enough to look a man in the face and accuse him of perjury without submitting any evidence. It is much worse when all of the evidence supports the version of the facts of the man you are facing. Whether it is that the Lerner crash occurred well before this investigation began. She must be clairvoyant. Whether it has been confirmed by the criminalization lab, all of the evidence is on your side, Mr. Koskinen.

And I want to point out for the record that the line of conspiracy hunting has shifted with the Lerner crash. For the longest time, the line of questioning was about one subject alone. So we have moved from one scapegoat to another. We just moved off of the notion that this was all a conspiracy directed on behalf of the White House — that also without a crumb of evidence.

Lacking evidence the crash provides new information provides new fodder. Just for the record Mr. Koskinen, have you identified any evidence since you have been commissioner that IRS employees before you came or now were part of a conspiracy to intentionally target the president’s political enemies?

Psst, hey Eleanor? Perhaps you missed the story about the mysterious “crash” occurring 10 days after the House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp began asking Lerner whether there was targeting going on? Perhaps you missed the fact they are claiming 6 other employees being looked at also had mysteriously “lost their emails” as well. Perhaps you missed the back ups seem also to have taken a flyer. Perhaps you missed they actually had an archiving service-they must have lost all the emails too. Perhaps not one of the seven people involved ever checked their emails on their phone, or on their laptops.

Oh and Eleanor, don’t think for a minute this has shifted focus off the White House. Perhaps you also missed IRS chief of staff Nikole Flax’s meetings at the White House with Obama’s top assistant during this very period in question?

As CNN even said today, it doesn’t pass the smell test, Eleanor, and your guys are in a whole bunch of trouble…