This is a picture of Khaled Sharrouf:


Khaled lived on a disability pension in Sydney, but he was in good enough shape to to have planned terrorist attacks in Australia and to now be waging jihad in Syria and Iraq. Khaled is just one of many, as some extremist clerics in Britain for example actually encourage their adherents to do what they can to get free stuff like welfare and disability. Call it “economic crash jihad”.

Here’s a non-jihad picture of Khaled, looks very disabled, doesn’t he?
Khaled Sharrouf

Here’s Khaled participating in massacres in Iraq:


According to The Telegraph, “convicted terrorist Khaled Sharrouf is among a handful of Australian jihadists believed to have carried out bloody, battlefield executions, in what amounts to a serious escalation of Australian involvement in the Iraq-Syria conflict”. Sharrouf had been convicted in Australia of bomb plots there, but he was let out after almost four years in prison.

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