I can think we can safely say the UK is now a consistent exporter of Islamic terrorism, stunning for a western country to achieve that status.

(Herald Sun) — A TALIBAN bomber who infiltrated Afghanistan’s defence HQ may have travelled from London.

The operative killed two guards before he was shot dead in the daring Kabul raid.

British intelligence officials were given details of the militant who carried out the attack, British newspaper The Times reported.

Sources said the failed bomber’s name and personal details were forwarded to London, suggesting that he might have been living in Britain, though the Foreign Office was unable to confirm that claim.

If the attacker was proved to have had British nationality, he would be the first known case of a suicide bomber from the UK travelling to Afghanistan.

Suicide bombers from Britain were killed in Israel, Kashmir and Somalia in recent years.

The bomber wore a sergeant major’s uniform as he tricked his way into the country’s defence headquarters.

He shot dead two guards and was outside the office of Defence Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak when he was shot dead by bodyguards. He failed to detonate his suicide vest.