Wendy Davis

Even Abortion Barbie is smart enough to know her extreme pro-abortion views are not popular in Texas.

Via Washington Examiner:

Wendy Davis’s governor campaign is raising money again off her 2013 filibuster of a bill to ban abortions in or after the 6th month of pregnancy and to apply the same standards to abortion businesses as to similar businesses. My colleague Ashe Schow flagged this yesterday, and noted how it seemed to clash with Davis’s effort to pretend her candidacy isn’t about abortion.

But here’s the thing: Davis’s campaign is now pretending the abortion filibuster itself wasn’t about abortion.

Read the latest campaign email about the filibuster (I’ve pasted the entire text at the bottom of this post). The word “abortion” never appears.

The email refers to “restrictions.” Restrictions on what?

Davis’s campaign mentions “women’s health centers.” But women’s health centers weren’t regulated by that law unless they were also abortion centers.

Davis, you may recall, played this same game immediately after her filibuster. After all, the abortion donors know it’s about abortion, so no need to play it up to most of the population, which thinks the law ought to protect babies in the 6th month of pregnancy and older.

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