One thing is for sure, if Obama does reject it, it won’t be until after the midterm elections.

Via Politico:

Al Gore says President Barack Obama has “signaled” that he will kill the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline, though the former vice president didn’t cite any evidence for his claim.

“[Obama] has signaled that he is likely to reject the absurdly reckless Keystone XL-pipeline proposal for the transport of oil from carbon-intensive tar sands to be taken to market through the United States on its way to China, thus effectively limiting their exploitation,” Gore wrote in a Rolling Stone story published online Wednesday.

Gore did not elaborate on what signals the president has sent about rejecting the pipeline. Publicly, neither the president, nor the administration has taken an official position on the pipeline. Obama has said in public and private conversations that he thinks both sides of the debate are guilty of exaggeration with inflated claims on jobs figures and concerns about the environment.