Cankles a stealth jihadi? Who knew?

Via Free Beacon:

As U.S. leaders signal a willingness to partner with Iran in the fight against Iraqi terrorists, senior military officials in Tehran are warning of repercussions for the United States if it meddles in Iraq.

The head of Iran’s armed forces on Tuesday called the United States “supporters of terrorists” and warned the Obama administration against any intervention in Iraq, where extremist terrorists are seeking to depose the American-backed government. […]

Senior Iranian military and political officials do not share this rosy view and are now issuing warnings to U.S. leaders as the violence in Iraq hits new highs.

Iranian General Hassan Firouzabadi, chief of staff of the country’s armed forces, slammed the United States and blamed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for sponsoring terrorist groups in Iraq and the region.

“By any meddling and military intervention in Iraq, the Americans are seeking to attain ungracious goals, at the top of which undermining the elections in Iraq, and the crocodile tears of the Americans should not receive any attention, as they are still the allies of the sponsors and supporters of terrorists in the region,” Firouzabadi was quoted as saying in Tehran on Tuesday by the country’s state-run press.

Clinton’s State Department, the general claimed, “created terrorist groups” and is now “displeased with the results of the recent elections in Iraq and is cancel election results.”

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