Via Al Akhbar:

. . . The heavily armed ISIS, which includes Arab and foreign fighters, quickly took control of the city. It confiscated all medium and heavy arms, smuggling them towards Syria through the city of al-Sharkat in Salah ad-Din, close to Tikrit. Being the stronger side, ISIS imposed its decisions and type of administration on Mosul, applying “sharia” like it did previously in Syria. Its strongholds are in al-Anbar, Diyala, Salah ad-Din, and the belt around Baghdad. […]

“The people of Mosul are relieved about the appointment of retired Colonel Hashem al-Jammas as governor,” an employee at Mosul municipality told Al-Akhbar in a phone call. He explained that they began providing electricity to the city 20 hours a day, up from the 2 or 3 hours provided earlier due to rampant corruption in the government. “The fighters are taking advantage of the corruption in the government and the local administration in Mosul,” he maintained.

In the meantime, ISIS distributed flyers during last Friday prayers, titled “City Charter” prohibiting civic displays and personal freedoms such as smoking and alcohol. They replaced the law with sharia and demanded the women of Mosul be “decent and refrain from going out,” as well as avoid loose or tight clothes.

Although the residents of Mosul maintained that all required services are available, there are rumors of sharia courts being held at the governorate building and UN reports point to incidents involving the killing of several civilians.